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Otherwise, they will face fines. As for the first solution, replacement of the imprisonment with fines would inevitably reduce the seriousness of the punishment and might lead to a factual increase in criminal activities. If this is not enforced, the criminal would benefit financially from drug production and/or trafficking, and the enforcement agencies will not be able to nullify the effect from taking on extra risk from illegal activity. I think taking both American and British Literature (but also reading all the books in Lit/Comp 10, since I took the test out exam) helped me a lot in this diagnostic test. Since I'm used to taking tests on paper, it was really hard for me to take this test online because I had to constantly scroll up and down to read the passages and the questions. However, I did have some struggles in the poetry passages. What you need to do, I think that you need to deliver it to writers which have habits for writing, you can getmore information here! Developing healthy and positive habits is essential for the well-being and passing a goos helathy life.

Everyone has different habits. Women, however, seem to be very emotional creatures so they may make poor leadership decisions if they simply follow their feelings. It will make little sense for criminals to engage in illegal drug trafficking if they can expect that their fortune will later be taken away from them. Both suggestions aim at substituting imprisonment with alternative actions, forcing criminals to take active action against one of the most serious problems of many countries. The second suggestion, namely, replacement of punishment with voluntary activities for the criminals found guilty of drug abuse for the first time, seems to be less controversial. Drug abuse has grown into one of the greatest problems of today’s world, and so far efforts to fight it have not achieved desirable effect. This is something very important to understand, I really appreciate your efforts to share such information. It’s good to share information with others. Or what is good and what is bad?

The middle (or body) works through the argument step by step: giving examples, connecting the general and the particular, unfolding causal relationships, and using good supporting materials. The first slide taught me the techniques and elements that are needed to write a good essay. In this article, we'll look at some salient points, which should be kept in mind whenever you're required to write an essay. Even if you are familiar with the concept, you are unaware of how to structure an expository essay, or how to present your points, or how to get started with the essay writer. The juxtaposition of ‘us’ and ‘them’ verbally bonds the protagonists together in contrast to the other men - even though they are all, George, Lennie, Crooks, Candy, in the same situation. Consultants can get in the way of the creative process and create lags in the editing process that can double or even triple the production time for a single piece of work.

I often spend the most time on that part of the planning process. Hold high that light,for it is a part of the light that will lead this world from it's current state of perceptual darkness, and evidences the greater reality which must be revealed in this generation. In the listening test, there is one segment in the paper ( PART 2)where it requires us to complete the sentences with options A-F. Be particularly careful when ordering your paper from an online writing service. One crucial writing technique that Michael Harvey describes in The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing is concision. In addition, Sedaris uses the beginnings and endings techniques that Harvey describes as, "The beginning grabs the reader’s attention, prepares a context, and states the argument. Sedaris displays many of the important qualities that Harvey describes in The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing like concision, flow, and paragraph organization. By using these writing techniques, Sedaris creates an amusing and thoroughly-written essay. In addition, the vocabulary terms that we have learned this week also contribute to the basics by showing different style and techniques that a writer can use in an essay.

In only one week of AP Literature, I have already learned so much. By doing this, you make proofreading a habit, and you can estimate how much you will be able to do in the time allotted. Remember, you have already found your magic wand that will make you free and happy. The outlined steps, however viable, have several limitations. Women may not have a lot of financial resources after being widowed, and are more likely than men to experience a drop in their standard of living once widowed. Resources and support: the availability of tools, materials, people, etc. External coordination: the need to collaborate with other groups. Second, it is unwise to punish young people, many of whom showed carelessness in making a decision to take drugs, with a severe measure, like imprisonment. The rhetorical situation includes topics (like subject, purpose, audience, and speaker) that a writer should use to effectively communicate ideas to the reader. There has already been debate in the EU on the equal application of punishment, especially with regard to the liberal policies accepted by some countries like the Netherlands.